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What Club Penguin has become in 2016

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Almost four years on in life (yes, life started after this game), I decide to go on the once-addicted-to website of Club Penguin. For those of you who may have travel remembering me, my name is Cham-, well no- my name is Ali. I used to be known on this low-key “sad” community as Champ344.

Memory did give me a pretty hard slap on the face today morning when I went online. To be honest, I can’t tell whether it was me reminiscing the “fun” times we all had when Club Penguin was popping with famous and rare people at the Dock on Mammoth, Frozen, Sleet etc., or if I was contemplating whether I would have had funner spending life outside, rather than inside. Besides the point- I go on today, trying to find that one penguin that is still not banned forever. There, found him – Champ 344 (yes, with a space). For those of you who would give a ****, Champ344 was banned forever in 2012 after I activated … erm … 250 free 7-day membership codes? Judging by the parent account which took me 10 minutes to find my way into, the membership is still not over, and won’t be over for at least the next 2 years.

So I go on Champ 344 and to Sleet, and my god has the game changed. New ideas for a party, new rooms, new designs, new map, new items, and something else was new. Can you guess? Yeah, no one goes on anymore. Then it hit me, trying to figure out why I thought it was worth spending all the time and effort on something which is practically gone now. Didn’t become close with a couple of those popular guys in school because I was too busy on the computer after school … didn’t reach that “amazing” level in football that I am striving for so hard right now since I was on my chair most of the time … and most importantly, didn’t get my first kiss till I was 19, because … girls? Who had time for it?! Clearly most, except me.

At the time it was fun, but here I am regretting every moment I spent on a virtual world which should have never consumed more than 20 minutes of my day if it was anything other than for leisure purposes. Thankfully I quit just in time to enjoy the most precious period in life, starting from 16. The slant switched from a negative decline, to a staircase to heaven.

As far as I can remember it, my time on Club Penguin (and Xat, I must mention) seems so short-lived, yet feels so long looking back at the years I lost. From creating an account in early-2007, to creating a blog months later, starting videos in 2008, then to starting write for popular blogs by 2010, and finally to become a complete Xat freak who bought and sold, lost and profited a whole lot of accounts, xats and money in the same year, I can confidently say that it was all. a. waste. I’m studying medicine now, and hooking up with this girl every now and then. Better? Definitely.

Although I have not blogged in a number of years, this day was a day to remember to always spend your precious time with people, in places, and for the things you love and that will last. For the aforementioned reason, I have written this post to remind, advise and provide you this experience of my own so you don’t fall for the same mistake.

As you can all imagine, I will most likely not be writing here again, or at least for the next few years as I have better things to do in life then sit and write my life story (oh, the irony). I do have a twitter which I am not very active on, though I still check it out every couple of weeks or so. You can follow me there on or just click: Champ344CP’s twitter.

Take care,

Ali aka Champ344



A message from Champ344!

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Hey guys, most of you still come to this blog for some reason and looks like you guys don’t know exactly the whole story. I don’t work here any more, my blog is actually which is a lot better and with more cheats and updates for Club Penguin. Go there if you want latest Club Penguin Updates. Also, if you want to buy this blog – it can be for sale. Instead of starting a blog from 0 hits, stats from 40,000 which is better. Contact me at if you want to negotiate.

-Champ344, 😉


Halloween Party!

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Hey, Halloween party is here!

check these out!

Ok, to go to the Member Room, you obviously have to be a member, Click the green candle sttick to open the secret door!

Also here are the answers for the hunt!

1)Snow Fort(click on flag)

2)Coffe shop (upstairs lounge)(click on lamp)

3)Upstairs find four place!(click on box)

4)Plaza(click on bowl)

5)Cove(click on caution sign below)

6)Iceberg:(click on colorful light thing)

7)Beacon(wait for 15 seconds)

8)Coffe shop(upstairs)(scroll over on book)

Also the free tiem is the basket just like last year 😦

also…yeh this is may be my last post till saturday cuz im going on a school trip for 3, we will see what happens!

REMEMBER TO JOIN MY SUPER RARE MEMBER penguin contest, for it, scroll down below!

Thats all for now!




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hey guys, well im going on a school trip so i wont be back till saturday so sry, but remember to join my SUPER RARE MEMBER penguin contest! Scroll down for it!i will find someone o update this site for me! maybe snowdobby or rocky.




SUPER RARE MEMBER Penguin contest!

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Hey guys, have you EVER wated to know what it feels like to be really rare! well its your chance because its the ultimate “2nd super rare member penguin contest”!

Check this out!

Check how many days old he is….


How to win:

You must comment the most on this post!


1)NO swearing

2)NO sexual talk

3)NO parent content

4)you ARE allowed to comment numbers

5)try your best



1st place gets the penguin above

2nd get 2 rare non-members

3rd gets 1 rare non-member


Remember to tell all your friends about this!

Thxs 4 visiting and plz enter!





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hey guys, i and a few other penguin saw aguair 2day!

While i saw him i was on my other penguin…jaws1005

Also i have found a new glitch!

1) go on a penguin which is atleast 300 days old and has the green duck water float and save it on the computer

2) log on that penguin

3) dress your penguin up in anything but it has to be dressed up with the green duck

e.g my cloths

(2nd year party hat, green duck, blue lei and green glasses)

4) log off

5) go to

6) then click on the penguin that is wearing the green duck

7)click back

8) now every penguin click on the rest of the penguis that are saved on your computer and you will see something like this:



Vital Flame, Snobunni2 and more!

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Hey guys today was fun because i vital flame added me and he is now my friend, we talked to each other and everything, we played games and more, check it out!

I asked vital flame to sit there and he acctually did for me to take this picture!:D

And this is a picture of his igloo!

Also another of my great friend came to partay with us!:)

This was all of us, we had so much fun playing with each other, we played so much the my eyes startedto hurt from looking at the computer!:p

And another one of my best friends came!

And later ANOTHER good friend showed up o partay with us!

Most of you should know him, hes my 4th BEST friend in clubpenguin!;)

And finally vital viper also came to have fun with us, this time, he was acctually talking wait our partay gang! xD

And this was Vital Vipers crowd!

And i have found 2 BillyBob Fakers!Take a look!

This is the Player Card

And this was the second!

New RC Music Video

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Hey guys, New video from rockylvr!




Unlock New Items Online

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Hey Everyone, there has just been an  update, Check this out! On the top right of the clubpenguin loggin page, on the top right, instead of the parent guide thing, its now the sing of unlock items online!

Click here for the seceret catalog:


Click on it then you will see your penguins that are saved on your coputer, or regular loggins! loggin the account you want your penguin to have the free item!


after you loggin, you will have the following choices:


then if you chose that you have  a code…

Write your code in….if you have one!

Or if you chose that you have the book….

if you choose the official guide….

And if you choose the story one…


Well…thats all for now, also Kandinho was the winner of my SUPER RARE MEMBER penguin contest!

I have also been added to G Revelutionar’s site, he added me as an author for his site!

WEll…thxs for visiting and come again!


BillyBob Added me and Kandinho!

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hey guys, my lucky day is today, Because BillyBob added me and kandinho! here is a picture of him!

(Please DO NOT copy this picture and use it on your site, vido etc., if you would like to use it, write property of champ344 and a link to this site).

NOTE:I have just relised that is not billybob!

Thank You!

                                                   Thank you for visiting and please come again!


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