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HACKED!+Super Rare penguin contest poll!+New BG’s!

hey penguins, im REALLY sry i havent been posting, well….unfortunitly ive been hacked! and as you all see, my posts r gone!EVERYTHING IS BACK TO NORMAL!So plz visit this site regulalry and comment on saying things that you want me to improve on and it might just happen!also my computer got hacked so my editors r gone, i am now in my new computer and im putting back all my editors and stuff, i have also made 2 new backgrounds for RC Production(Champ, Rocky, Casper)

and the other background(latest RC Background)looks like this and i like it more then the other one!





and now im ready to make my way to this site becoming popular so im gonna have a poll if i should make a contest for an extremely rare penguin 900+!!!PLZ VOTE YES TO GET IT, IF YOU THINK I SHOULD KEEP IT AND NOT GIVE IT AWAY,CHOOSE NO, AND IF OUR NOT READY YET, CLICK FOR ANOTHER TIME!




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  1. Tight post!

    Comment by Dark Crow200 — 18/10/2008 @ 11:47

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