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hey guys, i and a few other penguin saw aguair 2day!

While i saw him i was on my other penguin…jaws1005

Also i have found a new glitch!

1) go on a penguin which is atleast 300 days old and has the green duck water float and save it on the computer

2) log on that penguin

3) dress your penguin up in anything but it has to be dressed up with the green duck

e.g my cloths

(2nd year party hat, green duck, blue lei and green glasses)

4) log off

5) go to

6) then click on the penguin that is wearing the green duck

7)click back

8) now every penguin click on the rest of the penguis that are saved on your computer and you will see something like this:





  1. wow i was with aguair when u took the pic and really cool glitch!

    Comment by Kandinho — 25/10/2008 @ 11:47

  2. hi plz add me to your blogroll and then comment on my site and ill add u to my ultimate links



    Comment by ojoc — 26/10/2008 @ 11:47

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