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A message from Champ344!

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Hey guys, most of you still come to this blog for some reason and looks like you guys don’t know exactly the whole story. I don’t work here any more, my blog is actually which is a lot better and with more cheats and updates for Club Penguin. Go there if you want latest Club Penguin Updates. Also, if you want to buy this blog – it can be for sale. Instead of starting a blog from 0 hits, stats from 40,000 which is better. Contact me at if you want to negotiate.

-Champ344, 😉



  1. WA

    Comment by Djhopy — 30/08/2010 @ 11:47

  2. how old are you

    Comment by biggo876 — 01/09/2010 @ 11:47

  3. hi

    Comment by CHINOSO — 03/09/2010 @ 11:47

  4. Hi champ can you meet me on club penguin on satarday 13 November 2010 and PARTY !!! Sever sleet time 1.00pm

    Comment by Comanda codi — 13/11/2010 @ 11:47

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