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Hey Penguins! I have finally finished this page, it took forever to do, the reason why i made this page is because so much people ask questions about me that i dont even have time to reply and i really dont want anyone to think that i ignore them, most of the answers you want should be here!

Penguin Name: Champ344

Hometown: Dubai, United Arab Emeirates (I used to live in Pittsburgh, )

People on Club Penguin That I know in real life: Kandinho, Mustafa2001, Mimo79, Hyder95, manar99!

Age: 12

Penguin’s Birthday: Arpril 3rd, 2007

My Real Birthday: September, 1996

Hobbies: Club Penguin, Making Movies, Playing with my green screen, Playing with my dog outside, playing with friends, watching tv, going outside, swimming, playing soccer…

Favorite Food: Umm, I have no idea. I like all kinds of food. Especially chicken.

Favorite Animal: Horse

Favorite Game: Club Penguin!

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Sport to play: Soccer

Favorite Sport to watch: Soccer

Recomendation and Facts what Champ344 things:

  • I do NOT hack. Hacking is for people with no lives!
  • I have met rockhopper many times before.
  • When ever I am on the servers Avalanche, Matterhorn, Wind Chill, Shiver, or Breeze It means that I want to be left alone to do either make a video, taking pics etc….
  • Sometimes penguins try to interview me, and they sometimes ask me questions that dont go throught club penguin’s filter. When interviewing, i recomen that you just use the questions ClubPenguin provided for us in the messages!
  • My buddy list is never full because i always have a buddy list clean up day every 2 weeks so i can add other penguins! I do not delete my friends that i knowlike in youtube and that i acctually talk to. 
  • I have  been banned about 6 times already xD And I dont really want to get banned again because if i do, i might acctually get banned forever! 
  • I’m trying to be the nicest, and most reasonable person I can be towards others.
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    1. Awesome! my birthday is in september 1996 to!

      Comment by snowy1900 — 31/01/2009 @ 11:47

    2. Awesome Site!

      Comment by hunter326 — 01/02/2009 @ 11:47

    3. my bros birthday is on sep 1996 too
      and hes favorite coler is green too
      and we live in dubai too i love to
      play soccer(football) lots and
      my sisters favorite animal is Horse too
      and my first penguin was a beta hes name was faisal360 but he is banned for hacking rockhopper
      and i got banned 18 times for glitching ok thats all from me

      Comment by faisal362 — 14/02/2009 @ 11:47

    4. I LOVE your site!

      Comment by Mini Pengy18 — 01/08/2010 @ 11:47

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