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ClubPenguin 3rd Anniversary!

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hey guys, today clubpenguin turned 3 years old…here is everything you have to know…

The party hat is locted in the coffe shop, when you go in the room, u have to click on the red button on the fan to see and collect the 3rd year party hat!

Unfortunatly they have brought back the ice cream appron….

Also while in clubpenguin waiting for the time to come i met, supposed2, wwe adam, kingpin2, andreasmich and country cutie!but i forgot to take there pictures but i remembered when wwe came!

And they made the party in few extra places this year like the town…

and the night club….

And this is how i look like with the new party hat….

 And for now, last but not least, this 2 weeks pin!

And thats all for now….thxs 4 visiting and come again!




SUPER RARE MEMBER penguin contest!

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Hey guys, as i promissed some of you that today will be my SUPER RARE MEMBER penguin contest! i hope you all enjoy it!












Lets start off with how to win, you have to comment atleast 25 times on this post, then somewhere in clubpenguin island, you must find the word boards, last but not least you have to make a funny joke!

There are rules: spamming the commenting your allowed personal info in the comments


5.try your best!

Thxs and plz enter!


New ClubPenguin NewsPaper

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hey guys, my second time posting today!xD…so i have read and saw the new newspaper, here are the main parts:













And the igloo contest winners are….







+, the most imporant part is the events and here they are!







And thats all for now!later today i will post the penguin for the super rare penguin contest!

until then…Waddle On!


ClubPenguin 3rd Party!

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What do you think guys? What’s the meaning of this? I am very confused and excited for what will happen! Rockhopper might be in trouble and not able to leave! Comment your thoughts!

Hey guys, rockylvr or jet hawk must of forgot to update for me but yeh….so here it is!

Club Penguin is going to have a light clubpengui halloween

 dont forget to check rest of this post!

1. First, Club Penguin will release Penguin Plush’s! Each Plush will come with a special coin to unlock special items online.



Penguin Cheat Name!

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Full credit to:

I have found a cheat to make a penguin with only 1 character, or no name. Follow the steps below to make a cool penguin name!———————————————————————>1.creat a new penguin account

2.use 4 or more of these sybols in your name:(find it at)

3.activate your penguin

4.long on to clubpenguin

5.before you login, click the ‘remember your penguin on this compuet” box login and go to a server!(you choose, it doesnt matter)

7.your penguin will now be named Id until clubpenguin approves your name

8.once they approve it, your name will either have no name or a number!

(picture by snowdobby)


Club Penguin 3 years!

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hey, my name is jet hawk and champ344 has just added me as an author for this site, im just here to say hi and this is my first post here, so…hi, and Finally CP is turning 3 years old about 3 days!!


Rock hopper Arrival!

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Hey penguins, well sorry about the late post but rockhopper has just arrived on the clubpenguin island, unfortunalty …he has brought back the eye patch and this is about the 3rd times, he has also updated the notice board, here are the pictures——————————————->










I have also thought of the next parrty hat and i edited my penguin into an orange and blue party hat and the reason i chose orange and bue is because i think they wil look really good!take a look!——>







and while in rockhopper’s ship, i had a big surprize and it was that supposed2 added me!———->









And also dont for get to go to the time square on 24th october if u live in new york!you can watch it on on the turtoil!—————————————————–>









Well, thats all for now, thanks for visiting!




HACKED!+Super Rare penguin contest poll!+New BG’s!

hey penguins, im REALLY sry i havent been posting, well….unfortunitly ive been hacked! and as you all see, my posts r gone!EVERYTHING IS BACK TO NORMAL!So plz visit this site regulalry and comment on saying things that you want me to improve on and it might just happen!also my computer got hacked so my editors r gone, i am now in my new computer and im putting back all my editors and stuff, i have also made 2 new backgrounds for RC Production(Champ, Rocky, Casper)

and the other background(latest RC Background)looks like this and i like it more then the other one!





and now im ready to make my way to this site becoming popular so im gonna have a poll if i should make a contest for an extremely rare penguin 900+!!!PLZ VOTE YES TO GET IT, IF YOU THINK I SHOULD KEEP IT AND NOT GIVE IT AWAY,CHOOSE NO, AND IF OUR NOT READY YET, CLICK FOR ANOTHER TIME!




New Wigs and Clothing Catalog!

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yo penguins, today is the new catalog for wigs and cloths, lets start with the cheats for the new wigs and catlog and the wigs and catalog them selves!

























































Thank you for visiting my site, hope this helped u, and remember, if u want to work in this site, just comment saying that u to!



New newspaper

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hi dudes and dudits,

today thr  is a new newspaper, here are the important parts:


















Also ryanmarlow11 was kicked out of RC for blaming me of rating his video 1 star and doesnt want to put us in his videos!are new member is a casper2222, here is his pic:











Thats it for now!

Until the…Waddle on!

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